About Muskellunge Brewing Company

We are here to celebrate the Muskellunge (Musky or Muskie).  Why?  What does the fish have to do with beer?  Glad you asked.

The muskellunge is the most fascinating fish in our fresh waters. It has the perfect combination intelligence, physical tools and a ferocious desire to survive, ensuring its survival in the underwater jungle.

What about us? Humans are also an awesome species.  We also use a combination of determined attitude and applied knowledge as our tool to ensure our survival.

The ancients used their determination and knowledge to create BEER.  It was the only way to have clean water to hydrate their bodies. With the touch of alcohol, it became the beverage from Heaven.


About the Founder of Muskellunge Brewing Company

My name is Paco Estremera. I am the founder of Muskellunge Brewing Company.  I have been a home brewer since 2009 and I established Muskellunge Brewing Company in 2015.

I have been working as a Formulation Scientist for over 10 years.

As a home brewer, I have been formulating beer recipes with the heavy use of statistics. My latest instigation was the application of Statistical Design of Experiments to evaluate how the combination of grains may impacts the flavor profile of the beer. The effort was quite a success, delivering a total of three (3) grain bills.

My mission is formulation and process development to commercialize a line of beers using strong determination to succeed and Science and Statistics as the main tools.

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