Welcome to Muskellunge Brewing Company!

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with fishing. My grandpa and I would spend long hours in pursuit of blue gill, catfish, and tilapia. I began to research fish in my school library and came across the Musky.

I was captivated by the unique physiology and fierce attitude. Their teeth configuration is like a carpet of needles. They are ambush predators. They will steal a fish off your hook and thank you for the dinner.

Time went on, and in 2009 I adopted a little grey kitty from the Stark County Humane Society and named him Musky, after my favorite fish.

For my 45th birthday, my girlfriend gave me a drawing by BZTAT of my Musky cat with my favorite fish. I fell in love with the artwork and the unique styling of the fish.

When I decided to start a brewing company, I came back to that drawing and decided to name the company after my favorite fish and use the drawing on the bottle.

Thank you for your interest in Muskellunge Brewing Company and I hope you enjoy the experience and the beer.