Dry yeast packets - Click on arrows below for descriptions

Ideal for wheat based beers, such as Belgian and German styles (Hefeweisen, Wit Beers).
Strong fruity and phenolic character, varying with the fermentation conditions.

For use with wheat-based and fruity-spicy beers.
Strong fermentation character, intense fruity and phenolic flavors, especially banana and clove notes.

Ideal for Belgian Ales (Blond, Dubble, Triple, Quadrupel Styles) and Strong English Ales.
Fruity driven strain, gives a high mouthfeel and body to the beer.

Great for American and English Ales.
Balanced fermentation character, producing fruity and floral notes.  Tends to produce beers with higher clarity.

Ideal for American ales and highly hopped beers.
Mild and balanced fermentation notes, giving place to malts and hop flavors.

Ideal for German Kolsch beers, Belgian Wits and some Session beers.
Subtle fermentation character, depending on the conditions.  Tend to present floral and balanced fruity character.

Ideal for Belgian Strong Ales.
Produces strong fermentation character (intense fruitiness) and supports high alcohol content.

Ideal for Belgian-Saison style beers.  Produces highly refreshing beers.
Recommended for well-attenuated beers, produces fruity and phenolic notes and a dry character.

German lager strain.
Produces very neutral fermentation flavors and slightly more bodied lager beers.

Lager yeast from Weihenstephan.
Neutral in fermentation character, giving clean and neutral profile and place to malts and hop flavors.  May present slightly fruity and floral notes.

Swiss lager strain.
Tends to present noticeable herbal and floral notes to lager beers.