Growler Happy Hour

 Growler fills are discounted on Thursday nights from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Beers below 8% ABV are $10/fill.  High gravity beers are $15/fill.

Bock Fest 2022

Our annual Bock fest kicks off March 4th, featuring 6 Bock styles, traditional, Dopplebock, Dunklebock, Weizenbock, Smoked Bock, and Helles Bock

Game Night Meet-ups

Game Night is back!  Meet at Muskellunge from 7pm to 10pm on the First and Third Thursday every month.  New gamers welcome.  Expert and Novice alike.  Just show up and sit down.  There are plenty of games available, or you can bring your favorite.

Check out Canton Tabletop Gamers if you want to get on the mailing list or RSVP (but that’s not required).


Homebrewing School

To be Rescheduled

Our first Home Brewing School class will be at the taproom at Muskellunge.  We will be making a 100% extract version of the Walleye Kölsch from beginning to end.  Also, we will discuss all the basics of homebrewing needed to make your own, successful, first batch.

Price is $20.00.  You will receive: One empty growler, a flight of 6, 3 oz samplers, and we’ll fill the growler with the Walleye Kölsch when the beer is ready.

We will notify participants when the beer is ready so we can get back together and taste and discuss.  More advanced classes will follow.

Maximum capacity is 10 people.  Pass by the brewery to reserve your spot.

Want to hold a private event with us? See our Book an Event page.