Muskellunge Brewing Company Beer List

At Muskellunge Brewing Company, we love fish! We love their brilliant design as underwater creatures, and we love each species’ unique aesthetic. We also love beer, so we have named each of our beers in honor of a specific species of freshwater fish.

Rock Bass Honey Nut Brown

The Rock Bass Honey Nut Brown is composed of eight (8) grains, two (2)  hops, 15 lbs of honey, providing you a beer with a nice balance between maltiness, honey, and hop flavors.  A best seller.

ABV: 6% | IBU: 20 | SRM: 27.2

Walleye Kölsch

Composed of two different grains and Saaz Hops, this beer is considered the “Jewel of the Crown” since the grain bill was the first formulated using statistical modeling.

ABV: 4.7% | IBU: 15 | SRM: 2.5

Bluegill German Pilsner

This traditional German Pilsner is made with 100% Pilsner Malt from West Branch Malts.  Ingredients follow the Reinheitsgebot laws of 1516.  This beer’s crisp finish makes it very refreshing.

ABV: 5.7% | IBU: 20 | SRM: 4.5

Bowfin Rye IPA

This IPA is loaded with more than 80% Canadian Rye Malt, which, combined with a mild bitterness and floral aftertaste, delivers a dangerously delicious IPA.

ABV: 7% | IBU: 60 | SRM: 3.9

Black Bullhead Baltic Porter

The Black Bullhead Baltic Porter grain bill is composed of three base grains, a unique combination of specialty roasted barley, Saaz and Perle Hops. Fermentedat 57F, the semi-lager conditions deliver a smooth flavor profile with a balanced roasty aftertaste.

ABV: 7.3% | IBU: 25 | SRM: 33.6

Sippo Lake Vienna Lager

The Sippo Lake Vienna Lager is a homage to our favorite place in Canton.  Sippo Lake is part of the Stark Parks system in Perry Township and a great place to chill, fish, or walk the trails.
This lager is brewed with Vienna malt from West Branch Malts.  With three months of layering and a touch of Czech Saaz hops, this beer delivers an elegant, well balanced aftertaste.

ABV: 5.7% | IBU: 20 | SRM: 12.2

Tiger Musky Double IPA

This monster DIPA is made with 100% Ohio grown pilsner malt from West Branch Malts.  The addition of five different hops delivers a beautifully hoppy flavor.  Awarded People’s Choice at the 2019 Hop and Harvest Festival, Evening Session.

ABV: 8.3% | IBU: 60 | SRM: 4.5

Black Crappie Oatmeal Coffee Stout

Like a little breakfast with your beer?  We know Oatmeal and Coffee make a great pairing.  With a heap of coffee malt, a generous helping of oatmeal, and the addition of a coffee blend from Carpe Diem coffee shop, this beer provides an unmistakable coffee flavor and deep, rich color.  

Savor.  Drink.  Enjoy.

ABV: 4.3% | IBU: 20 | SRM: 57

American Eel Brown Ale


A common name for an uncommon beer.  The grain bill is loaded with specialty malts, including West Branch Malts Vienna malt.  The unique maltiness and aftertaste makes this an excellent example of the style.

ABV: 5.8% | IBU: 20 | SRM: 22.7

Northern Pike Robust Porter

Robust as the Northern Pike, this beer carries a bulk load of specialty and roasted malts, delivering a smooth, roasty, and sweet aftertaste.

ABV: 6.1% | IBU: 30 | SRM: 38.1

Striped Bass Xmas Ale

Our Christmas Ale is a traditional Bock spiced with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, among others, and nicely finished by Tettnang hops, delivering a unique and smooth aftertaste, just in time for the holidays.

ABV: 5% | IBU: 20 | SRM: 18.0

Judy’s Buck

A traditional Bock Beer composed of four (4) different malts and a combination of Tettnang and Czech Saaz Hops.

ABV: 6.6% | IBU: 20 | SRM: 20.6