Author: bztat


Welcome to the new home of Muskellunge Brewing Company!  This will be my very first post.

This year I performed my first systematic mixture experimental design. The variables were four (4) 2-row base grains and the measured responses were flavor, aroma, appearance, and mouthfeel.

Well, today I had the opportunity to present my work at Cincinnati State at the Craft Brewing 101 course. Was a very nice experience to show people about the application of science and statistics for beer formulation development. I try hard to make the presentation as simple as possible, yet with enough details make them follow and understand my results. My impression was that they got it. 

Downside was that, I did not had any samples for tastings from the grain combination obtained from the mathematical model. I promised the group that, before the end of the course, I will provide  samples. 

Next posts will be about my path to the Grand Opening.

Thanks, Frank